new zealand maori necklace bone pekapeka
new zealand maori necklace bone pekapeka
new zealand maori necklace bone pekapeka


Maori Necklace | Pekapeka

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Traditional and Contemporary Designs


Native NZ bat, the peka peka is a very old maori Design, it is a guardian and will protect and keep you safe.

The symmetrical design of the Pekapeka is believed to represent the native New Zealand bat (Mystacina tuberculata) by its outline shape representing wings with the lines of the carving.

The Pekapeka has the profile of two outward facing heads sharing the one body. The Pekapeka also shares a connection with the Manaia which the Maori believed to be mythical beings who are the messengers between the mortal world and the spirit domain. Similar designs but with only one head in profile, are the Marakihau and Manaia which are worn hanging vertically.

Historically Pekapeka pendants were worn as ear ornaments by Maori tribes located in the northern island near what is now Auckland. Later on, its use as a pendant started to grow more common.

The Pekapeka was worn for protection, particularly when traveling - so if you have a loved one heading off on a journey, this would be the perfect gift.

  • 50mm x 75mm 
  • Maori Inspired Design
  • Cattle Bone and Paua Shell

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