Maori Necklace Maintenance

Maori Necklace &  Hawaiian Bone Carving Care

Your Maori necklace or Hawaiian bone carving is crafted from high-quality natural bone.

Being porous, bone absorbs oils from your skin over time, developing a soft honey gold color. This natural transformation is one of the distinctive beauties of bone jewelry.

To restore its shine, simply buff your carving with a soft cloth. In ancient times, wearers achieved a high-gloss polish by rubbing their carvings.

Aside from its visual appeal, a bone carving feels pleasant to touch. Handling it regularly not only maintains its polish but also allows your body oils to become part of the carving.

According to Maori tradition, the carving takes on the spirit of its wearers, so the richer its color, the more revered it becomes.

Avoid spilling colored liquids, like red wine, onto the carving, as these may be absorbed into the material. Although bone is durable, it can be brittle and may break if dropped on a hard surface.

Regularly check the condition of the cord. Never use household cleaning or polishing compounds on your carving.

Rain and occasional swims won't harm the carving, but avoid sudden or extreme temperature changes, such as wearing it in a hot shower or spa. Swimming with it and then allowing it to dry rapidly in the sun is also not advisable, especially when it's new. Over time, your body oils will moisturize and 'cure' the carving, making it less susceptible to drying out. However, protect it from extreme and rapid temperature changes.

Frequent handling keeps the carving in good condition and protects it from the elements, as the oils from your skin nourish and maintain it.