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Moko: Exploring Maori Tattooing

Maori tattooing stands as a living testament to the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the Maori people. The artistry, cultural significance, and evolving practices surrounding Moko offer a captivating glimpse into their history and resilience. 

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Maori Heru and Hairstyles: A Cultural Journey

The Heru, meticulously carved from wood, whale bone, or individual comb 'teeth' bound together, served as more than a mere functional hair accessory. It was a visual cue to the rank of the wearer within the community.

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Lei Niho Palaoa: A Symbol of Hawaiian Nobility and Divine Descent

The lei niho palaoa was a symbol of prestige and nobility among the Hawaiian aliʻi. As part of their formal regalia, these hook-shaped pendants were worn on special occasions, marking the wearer's high rank. In a society with a hereditary line of rulers, the noho aliʻi, the lei niho palaoa played a crucial role in distinguishing the aristocracy.

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