maori necklace bone carving rehua
Maori Necklace | Rehua
Maori Necklace | Rehua
maori necklace bone carving rehua

Tuwharetoa Bone

Maori Necklace | Rehua

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Rehua is an extremely sacred Maori God who possesses the power to cure blindness, revive the dead, and heal any disease.

He has also been called the Lord of Kindness who can eliminate sorrow and gloom in the hearts and minds of men.

Rehua is the eldest son of Rangi and Papa and is linked to the mighty star Antares. He is considered chief among the Maori Star Gods and lives in Te Putahi-nui-o-Rehua in Rangi-tuarea, the tenth topmost Heaven inaccessible to humans.

To many Maori iwi, Rehua is personified by the Tui bird traditionally called the Kōkō. Rehua gifted Tane the Kōkō and other creatures to populate the earth. 

  • 100mm x 38mm (4” x 1.49”)
  • Maori Inspired Design
  • Cattle Bone and Paua Shell

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