maori necklace rehua
maori necklace rehua
Maori Necklace | Rehua
maori necklace rehua

Tuwharetoa Bone

Maori Necklace | Rehua

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Introducing the Hei Rehua* - a powerful and masculine symbol of strength and divine power. Expertly carved from cattle bone, this piece represents the revered Maori God Rehua, known for his ability to cure blindness, revive the dead, and heal any disease. Standing at 100mm high and 38mm wide, the Hei Rehua features intricate engravings and paua shell inlay for the eyes, giving it a commanding and formidable presence.

But the Hei Rehua is more than just a beautifully crafted piece of art. The depiction of a Tui** on this crown represents Rehua's close relationship with the bird, and Rehua's beard representing wings and the tail of a shooting star symbolizing the god's transcendence and spiritual power. Whether you're a fan of Maori culture or simply appreciate the strength and majesty of this sacred symbol, the Hei Rehua is a must-have for any man who values strength, power, and divine guidance.

* Rehua is a powerful Maori deity who represents warmth, light, and life. He is also a guardian of the natural world and is associated with the stars. Rehua is revered as a benevolent and prosperous being who is often invoked in prayers and rituals as a protector and guide.

** In Maori mythology, the Tui is a bird associated with the deity Rehua and is believed to have a close relationship with him. It is also a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment and is believed to have the ability to communicate with the gods and carry their messages to humans.

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