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The Role of Tohunga in Maori Culture

In the rich culture of the Maori people of New Zealand, a Tohunga is recognized as an expert practitioner of any skill or art, whether religious or secular. Tohunga encompass a wide range of expertise, including priests, healers, navigators, carvers, builders, teachers, and advisors.

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Te Takarangi: The Double Spiral of Creation

The Takarangi symbol in Maori necklaces and carvings is a profound representation of Maori cosmology, spirituality, and artistry. It encapsulates the balance between light and dark, the physical and spiritual worlds, and the continuous cycle of life and decay.

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Maori 'Ta Moko' Tattoo

These tattoos were often used to symbolize status in the tribe, an expression of power and prestige, being a part of a historic lineage, or sometimes simply an expression of the individual’s individuality.

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