maori necklace tiki
maori necklace tiki
maori necklace tiki
maori necklace tiki


Maori Necklace | Tiki No.2

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Traditional and Contemporary Designs



A commanding piece of art that pays tribute to the cultural traditions of the Maori people, this pendant is expertly hand carved while measuring 75mm wide and 43mm high, it features intricate engravings and paua shell inlays for the eyes. The figure is depicted in a warrior pose, with its tongue out, representing strength and determination.

This impressive pendant is based on traditional Maori Poupou. Whether you are a fan of Polynesian art or simply appreciate the cultural significance and symbolism behind it, this piece is a must-have for anyone who values power and strength. Wear it as a tribute to South Pacific culture or simply to admire the skilled craftsmanship that has gone into its creation.

A Poupou, also known as a carved ancestral figure, is a traditional Maori artwork that is highly prized for its cultural significance and symbolism. Poupou are often found in marae (meeting houses) and are used to represent cultural heroes. The figures are usually carved from wood and are highly decorative, with intricate designs and patterns that are symbolic of the person or event being represented. Poupou are an important part of Maori culture and are used to tell stories, preserve history, and honor the ancestors. They are also believed to have spiritual and protective powers, and are often treated with great respect and reverence.

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