maori necklace fish hook matau
maori necklace fish hook matau
maori necklace fish hook matau


Maori Necklace | Hei Matau No.4

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Traditional and Contemporary Designs


This beautiful Hei Matau (fish hook) is expertly hand carved from wood and bone. The barb of the hook features a representation of a shark, adding a unique touch to this traditional Maori symbol. The hook is 60mm high and 35mm wide, making it a standout piece in any collection. The cord wrapping around the barb and shank of the hook adds an extra element of authenticity and craftsmanship. The Hei Matau is a traditional Maori symbol of strength, good luck, and abundance, and is believed to bring prosperity and success to those who wear it. Whether as a statement piece or a meaningful addition to your jewelry collection, this hand carved fish hook is sure to impress.

In Maori mythology, sharks are seen as powerful and respected creatures. They are often depicted in Maori art and are believed to have special significance in Maori culture. Sharks are thought to represent strength, courage, and determination, and are seen as a symbol of protection and guidance. In Maori legends, sharks are often depicted as guardian spirits, watching over and protecting their families. They are also believed to be connected to the ocean and the natural world, and are seen as a symbol of the interconnectedness of all living things. In Maori traditions, sharks are revered and respected, and their symbolism is an important part of Maori cultural identity.

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