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Maori Ring | Tumatauenga Silver

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Traditional and Contemporary Designs


Introducing the Silver Ring of the Maori God of War, Tumatauenga - a stunning ring that embodies the strength and power of this revered deity. This ring features an intricate design that captures the fierce spirit of the god, with red cubic zirconia inlaid for the eyes. This ring is treated with a protective nano coating to ensure that the ring will remain shiny and free of tarnish, even with regular wear. Whether you are a fan of Maori culture or simply appreciate unique and beautifully crafted jewelry, this ring is a must-have.

Note: This ring is currently only available in size US 12 (21.4mm) and is suitable for individuals with larger hands.

Tumatauenga is the Maori god of war. He is said to have been created by the other gods, who were searching for someone to take on the role of war and strife. Tumatauenga is often depicted as fierce and powerful, and is often invoked by warriors before going into battle. He is also associated with the element of fire, and is sometimes called the "flaming warrior." In Maori mythology, Tumatauenga is said to be the son of Ranginui, the sky father, and Papatuanuku, the earth mother.

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