maori necklace tiki
maori necklace tiki
maori necklace tiki
maori necklace tiki


Maori Necklace | Tiki No.3

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Traditional and Contemporary Designs


The Hei Tiki Ariki is a commanding and powerful piece that has been expertly hand carved. Standing tall at 85mm and wide at 50mm, this pendant boasts expert craftsmanship with hand-carved details and intricate Paua Shell inlays for the eyes. Depicted in a warrior pose with tongue out and hands on thighs, this pendant is a symbol of strength and leadership. As the Maori term Ariki signifies a high chief, lord, leader, or first-born in a high ranking family, this pendant is a fitting tribute to your own strength and authority. Whether you are a collector of Polynesian art or simply appreciate unique and powerful jewelry, this pendant is a must-have.

In Maori culture, the term Ariki refers to a high chief, lord, leader, or the first-born in a high ranking family. These individuals held a significant position in Maori society and were often responsible for making important decisions for their community. They were also seen as a source of wisdom and guidance, and were expected to uphold the values and traditions of their culture.

The Ariki played a central role in the Maori social and political hierarchy, and their status was often inherited through their family line. They were respected and revered by their community, and their position was seen as an important responsibility that carried with it the duty to serve and protect their people.

The Ariki were also seen as spiritual leaders, and were believed to have a strong connection to the gods and the spiritual realm. They were often involved in important ceremonies and rituals, and their role was closely tied to the spiritual well-being of their community.

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